About us

Welcome to 5/2 

We are a mixed Year 7 and 8 class who are 11-13 years old and we go to Farm Cove Intermediate school in Auckland, New Zealand.  Our class name is 5/2 (pronounced "5 bar 2") which stands for Area 5 Homegroup 2.  Our class is a digital classroom and everyone has their own laptop to work on which we bring every day and some students also have ipods or ipads. The other special thing about our class is that we work in a open space with three other classes (our team is called Area 5). There aren't any walls between our classes so we can't work too loudly, but we do get to work with the other classes a lot which is fun.

Class of 2015

Miss Fowlds- I'm the teacher and I've been working at Farm Cove for many years. My hobbies are traveling, listening to music, scuba diving and most summer beach activities.
This is our 2014 class photo which has some of our current students.


  1. your class is so cool
    Saumi :D
    P.S I'm Vasee her cousin :D

  2. the class is amazing

  3. This class is amazing