Thursday, 21 May 2015

The letter "J"

  • The Javan rhinocerous has a top speed of 42km per hour and it's lifespan is 30-45 years.
  • Javanese cats are referred to show cats showing odd or rare colours such as red or white.
  • According to scientists, Jaguars have probably eaten around 80 species in their lifetime. 
  • Jaguar Cars is a brand of Jaguar Land Rover, a British multinational car manufacturer in Whitley, Coventry, England, owned by the Indian company Tata Motors since 2008.
  •  Jetpack Joyride is an endless side-scrolling runner/action game created by Halfbrick Studios.
  •  The box jellyfish, found in the ocean around Australia, had a powerful enough to fatal to humans.
  • The knobbly Jerusalem artichoke is related to the pretty sunflower.  
  •  John F. Kennedy (the American president who was assassinated). He donated his congressional and presidential salaries to charity. Kennedy’s father built a family fortune, and when the young politician entered Congress in 1947, he earned sufficiently ample annual income from trusts established by his father that he decided to donate his entire legislative salary to various charities

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