Sunday, 24 August 2014

ICAS spelling results

Congratulations to Jaydn who got a distinction.
Very well done to Ayasha who received a credits.

ICAS writing results

Very well done to Priyanka and Renee who received credits.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Lina in NZ

I think that life in New Zealand's was very good.l can experience many things. And I like here's  curriculum. Because I think that here's curriculum makes students creative. At Sky Tower,I saw beautiful perspective.I will be not forget here's everything .I will miss New Zealand, here's friends,school. After I grow up, I want to come to see NZ. Thank you for giving good memory!                        

-My introduction-
I am from cheong-ju,Korea.My Korean name is Kim Minseo. My family name is Kim. And my given name is MinSeo. My favorite kind of music is K-pop. My favorite subject is social studies.
My family is four. I have older sister. I like reading. I can play violin. Eventhough I am not good at it well.
I like fruits very much. Of course, kiwifruit is in my favorite fruits.I like traveling. And my dream is diplomatist.

Bob in NZ

I m from China Luoyang  I'm thirteen.l favourite NZ part is sky tower and NZ history ,I favourite food is hamburger and favourite drink is cola I think NZ people is friendly,I like math,because I good for math,
I m a bob.

Leo in NZ

I m from china ,I m thirteen years old,My favourite part of NZ was sky tower and zoo.I have improved in my English. In school I like play basketball. In the zoo I liked the hippos the most.I like NZ and china. This NZ travel,I am very happy.My favorite sport is basketball,I like PE and math best,I like NZ drink is L&P. This is me.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Arthur Hannah


Arthur Hannah

Full Name: Arthur Hannah

War: World War 1, 1914-1918

Serial No: 13/69

First Known Rank: Trooper

Next of Kin: Mrs W.H

Marital Status: Single

Military District: Auckland


  • HMNZT 8

  • HMNZT 12

Destination: Suez, Egypt

Place of Death:Gallipoli, Turkey

Date of Death: 1 July 1915

Cause of Death: Killed in action       

WW1 Thomas Crawford

  • He was a motor mechanic before he embarked on the 7th December, 1916 on Port Lyttelton. He then died in action on the 4th October, 1917

  • Thomas was 28 when he died in Belgium

  • Thomas Crawford was in the A.coy 20th Reft also know as the 2nd New Zealand Division.

  • He was enlisted on the 22nd August 1916

  • He was born on the 25th August 1890

  • He was 26 when Enlisted.

  • He was 63.5kg when Enlisted.

  • He had Black hair and brown eyes.

  • He was 5 feet 8 inches tall when enlisted.

  • He was the son of Annie and John Crawford

  • He was awarded the British War medal on the 5th October 1921 and the Victory medal on the 16th August 1922.

  • Thomas was never married and doesn't have any children on record.

  • Thomas Crawford was a private in the army.

  • He is buried in the Dochy Farm New British Cemetery in Belgium.

By Leon, Renee, Mandy, Jaydn, Hong

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The marshmallow challenge

In our new i-Learning groups we had to make the tallest tower possible using one marshmallow, 10 pieces of spaghetti, 30cm of string and 30cm of cello tape. The tallest tower was 83cm tall.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Mandarin lesson: Parts of the body

This week we revised parts of the face and learnt some new words. We can now say the following words in Mandarin: eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, eyebrows, ears, face, hair, hand and feet.

Friday, 8 August 2014

WW1 soldier: Angelo Gill

Bled to death

Angelo William Thomas Gill, Private Auckland Infantry Regiment,Plymouth England killed in action 7th June                                   


Angelo William Thomas Gill was private no: 301795 DOB (DATE OF BIRTH):   

WW1 soldier: Ernest Caddigan

DEATH: Killed in Action
NAME: Ernest William Caddigan
DIED: 1916 21 September
DIED LOCATION: Somme, France
PARENTS: Mrs.M and J.Cooper
WAR: Involved in world war 1
UNIT: NZEF, Canterbury Regiment, 2 Battalion HOME: Howick, Auckland, New Zealand
Hediedat theageof34

LAST UNIT SERVED: Canterbury Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion 

WW1 soldier: Joseph Dunn

             Joseph Alexander Dunn

Nationality of Force: New Zealand

Force: Army

Age: 23

Vessel: Star of India or Waimana

Destination: Suez, Egypt

War: World War 1, 1914 to 1918

Serial Number: 12/727

Enlistment Address: Pakuranga, New Zealand

Military District: Auckland

Page on Nominal Roll: 204

Campaigns: Gallipoli and France

Thursday, 7 August 2014

WW1 soldier: William Fitzpatrick

This is our WW1 person that we had to research about. The information is in this document.

How to add a video to your blog

1. Upload to your Google Drive. Change you share settings so other people can view it and then copy and paste the web address link into your blog entry.

2. Next to the insert image icon there is a icon that is a picture of a black and white movie thing. Click on it and choose the video file you want to upload. You will need to wait a while so that it can upload and be processed. Here is our Flanders field video

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

ICAS Computer results

Congratulations to Simon-Jed who got a distinction.
Very well done to Priyanka and Jaydn who received credits.

ICAS Science results

Congratulations to Cindy who got a distinction.

Speech competition 2014

In our class we all had to write a three minute speech to present either in front of the class or in a small group. We also had an impromptu speech competition where some people picked a random topic out of a bucket, had a minute to prepare and then had to speak for at least a minute. Well done to everyone who gave these public speaking competitions a go in front of the whole class. Here are our best students:

Formal speech competition
  • Saumi - 2nd in the whole school (CONGRATULATIONS)
  • Simon-Jed - Area finalist
  • Isobel - 3rd in class competition

Impromptu speech competition
  • Tyrell - represented our Area at the school finals
  • Renee - Area finalist