Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Connor 100 word challenge

100 word challenge


I had almost reached a breakthrough when the alarm began blaring in my ear.  Multiple guards told me to leave immediately.  To each one I replied but where could I go.  None of them had an answer.  I gathered all my papers and threw as many jars in my bag as I could.  A loud bang shook me.  I had to leave the lab and take the blueprints right now I said to myself.  I heard them breach the main entrance.  I rushed up to the heli-pad and waited for my ride. Now I'm on the run…..    By Connor

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Miyako ~ 100 Word Challenge

100 word challenge 11

It was a day like any other day and I was unamused by anything around me. I just let many thoughts pass through my head as I let myself drift off to sleep. A series of screams made me jolt as I flickered my eyes open.  Daringly, I peered through the curtains as I saw people run all over the streets. Immediately I knew I had to run, but where could I go. Suddenly I heard a voice. "Don't you want to survive?" I looked around; No one. This was expected because……. this voice was none other than my own.

Monday, 19 May 2014

100 wc week 3 term 2 (

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Lucy's Story

To the World Leaders

I believe that Lucy should have an education in Kenya because it is not fair for her. Lucy might have disabilities but that cannot affect her learning. Lucy has eight brothers and all of them go to school, so why can't Lucy go to school? Lucy can be like all the other people that have disabilities, hop on a wheel chair and go to school. It's also not fair because when she grows up she will need to get a job, and without an education it will be really difficult for Lucy to find a job.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Cole-100 word challenge

One day there was a game called ''languages''. They was a girl named sophie and she came from china. She went to the show and won. She spoke the most languages out of one hundred people. She won because the most people didn't know more than 10 languages and and she could speak 2000 so she won easily. Then she went to the world champs. She won that as well but only just. Then she went to the went to the universe champs and lost because every new all the languages in the world.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Kriti 100 word challange

The Foreign visitors

Me (Priya) and my best friend Anjali, get dressed in our best clothes. We're getting ready because two foreign visitors from America are coming to our village in India for a shooting. After we get dressed, we go to Anjali's house. There we see Anjali's dad in his room. We get a small peak and hear him say " We welcome you to our Uttanur village", "Thora shabdo bidashi lage che" (which means, "Some of the words sounded like a foreign language", in Gujarati) I said as I hear Anjali's dad talking more English. Then, when he was done practising, we all go outside.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Cindy-100 Word Challenge

We were a special kind of people. We were always no taller than 2 cm, normal human size. Nobody actually knew about us, because we always lived underground, in the remotest islands in the world. We only got 1 hour a day to go out into the open air and exercise. Farmers usually got 3.5 hour shifts, growing our food. But one day, explorers roaming the nearby area discovered the mysterious insect. Forensics came to research and found out that it was a bumble bee that had travelled over 5000 km over ocean, stopping by the island, completely exhausted.

Monday, 12 May 2014

               The New Teacher

This Weeks Phrase Is...Some of the words sounded like a foreign language.

On may the 15th we got told that we were getting a new teacher. The thing they didn't tell us was what type of teacher it was. Everyone was guessing what type of teacher. I made a bet with my friends that it would be a maths teacher. They thought it would be a literacy teacher. The days went by… It was one day till we got to meet the teacher. Everyone was excited. The next day was upon us. That day we were at school early. She talked to us. SOme of the words sounded like a foreign language.

Rhea's 100 word challenge term 2 Week 2

…some of the words sounded like a foreign language…

Walking down the street I hear a scream wondering what is happening, so I quickly start run in the direction of the scream and hide behind a bush and I hear so footsteps, and then I'm blindfolded. I see darkness, I think to myself how did they hear me I was silent so silent. I'm sitting on a chair with my hands tied behind my back and my feet tied to the chair legs. They started talking some of the words sounded like a foreign language. The blind fold is off. Now what. I do now I'm in big trouble!


100 word challenge Isobel

As I walked through ISUB base (international spy unit base) I realised why I was there...  they  wanted me on another mission "Hello Jenny, welcome back" that was the boss…Dawn. "So whats the mission this time, a monkey using a gun" I joked although Dawn didn't seem to appreciate it.  My mission was in the end a monkey with a gun, when i got told my jaw nearly hit the floor.  As i was relaxing on the private jet one of the flight attendants came and said something to me and some of the words sounded like a foreign language.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Science fair

During this term, our area (area 5) have been starting to work on our science fair projects. During the holidays, we were supposed to get a little notebook for noting down our progress on our project or if we had to change our project we would write that. For my science fair project, my project is about hair and it is which type of henna is the most nutritious to use on your hair? Red henna, natural henna or herbal henna. 

This is one of the science boards that we had to take example from and then we have to start working on the board by Week 7 which is in 6 weeks.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Lit-circle {by:Simon and Miyako}

This term we have started an activity called Lit-circle, (short for Literacy circle) and have started it in 2 groups, both group A and D. Every week we have a different task, so we complete different tasks each week. There are a wide range of tasks, such as; making movie trailers, re writing some events from a minor character's point of view. Miyako.

This week I also did lit-circle in group D. I was the new narrator so I had to re-write the whole chapter in another person point of view. Here is a photo of what I wrote. Simon

Our learning this term- Connor

This term we have gone straight into science fair.  Though finding ideas has been a little tricky most people have got their by now.  We have had a science expert come in and give us a great presentation which has helped a lot of people find their ideas. D group has began literacy circles this term reading the book Gone.  

Renee-100 word challenge

The poor bumble bee flew into the station. He checked his watch as a train came into the station. He looked around, as if he was being followed just then he spotted a man in blue overalls hurrying towards him. The bee started quickly walking towards a group of young adults carrying a lot of blue luggage. But then the man in blue overalls who was following him, ran into him pulling out his stinger which killed him. Soon a crowd had gathered and another man in blue overalls took photos as proof that the poor bumble bee was dead.

Term 2 Start

For term 2 we have made a great start with lots (and lots) of science. Throughout science we have had a teacher come in and teach us about different topics and methods we may use in our projects.
Before that, we had Miss Turner and her class to come in and watch a video. Ms Nuralli has taught us 'Simon says' in French and Spanish. It was very difficult to catch with since none of us are from these  countries. That's all that have been appealing for me and well..... that's it.

100wc leon


There was a planet near earth called Erack. It was a planet where there were no life forms at all. But one day astronauts flew up to Erack. They found a massive hive and then an enormous creature flew out of the hive. It looked like it was trying to defend its hive but when one of the astronauts took a photo it froze and didn't wake up. So they tried to find out why that the creature had frozen but after that the whole hive came and attacked us. They bit through the space suits and straight away we passed out. # THE END

by leon 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Jaydn - 100 Word Challenge


We found a dead bee today. We don't know what killed it but it looks like it died of age. We are going to sell it to the market.


We sold it and bought some breadcrumbs. I think we should be able to feed the whole family tonight.


Ah oh. We had the police come by last night. Apparently the bee still had its stinger, so we've been fined 20 metal pieces. Although I found a piece of clean glass out in the garden so I can see better. It's been a crazy week so far. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Saumi FCI-100 word challenge

Learning through the lens

CLICK! Learning through the lens. A photo of a yellow and black bee dancing around colorful flowers. Flowers blooming ever so slowly in spring time with the sunshine shining on the petals. Horses galloping on the vast ground. Glossy fur on a soft purring kitten. Children laughing on the beach with the blue water. A family crammed together side by side trying to take a good family photo. Taking a single photos, people can cherish memories for a very long time. A picture can say a 1000 words. Each time the camera goes click you know you have captured memories.