Thursday, 17 April 2014

Our NEW class

We've just moved into our brand new Area this morning and we love it!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Flanders Field poetry reading

Mars One Trip Design by Jessica and Sindy

Here is the mars one trip design one floorplanner.

kristian 100WC

But I thought I had enough time when I went to grab my hanging friend on the grand canyon as I reached down I missed his fingers and he fell 3 meters he was unconscious but alive and breathing I raced to get my phone but it was dead so I improvised I got our rock climbing gear it was unstable but it would have to do I climbed down to the ridge he was on and grabbed him he started to regain consciousness and started to flip out I threw him over the ledge as he threw a punch I climbed over and we raced to the hospital.

Tyrell, Harvey, Kristian and Hong's Mars one

Mars One By Olivia and Tayla

Zacs and Harry's Mars One project

Simon and Connor's Mars One

Matthew - 100 Word challenge

But I Thought I Had Enough Time,                                                                                
To win the match. There were 4:00 minutes left on the clock ,all we had to do was score a converted try, because we were behind by 6 points. The ruck was only 2 metres out from the try line, and just beside the touch line. All he had to do to score was pass through the line of the backs and score in the corner. The ball was passed out to first five, then to second five, wrapped around centre and passed wide to wing. In the corner he dove and was tackled into touch 1 metre out.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Space Base On Mars By Shaaran, Jaydn And Leon

I've shared an item with you.
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Ninja rescue mission

Today we are learning about the invention, innovation and technology design process to find out about one type of Science Fair project. This is us making our rescue designs:


Here are some of our designs in action:

Connor 100 word challenge

 The Bomb

I quickly placed the bomb then looked at the time.  I had 2 minutes to get out I sprinted toward the exit. I had to find the quickest way out it was a chose between the stairs and the elevator.  Without thinking I chose the elevator. This is a decision I would later regret.  I pressed the buttons so hard almost breaking them eventually they worked and the elevator began to move. Much to my surprise I heard a loud bang it was the bomb.  But I thought I had enough time.  Flames burst around me and the floor shook this was the end.

By Connor

100WC - Oliver

…but I thought I had enough time… The whole room collapsed from top to bottom. “RRRRuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn” I say to but there is no one there. I race out the door screaming. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. The building became a pile of rubble. I turn around and other buildings are falling apart. “I thought… I... I... What have I done” I say to myself. I run around trying to find anybody. The town is now a ghost town. I thought I strengthened the structure of the building but it fell and sent a chain reaction to buildings nearby. What have I done? This is so scary. I wish this didn't happen.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Kriti and Priyanka's Mars One

Dear Floorplanner User,

You or someone else sent you a Floorplanner design, check it out here:

Your message:
This is my Gym on Mars which I created on Floorplanner.

Kind regards,

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Harvey - 100 word

Zac and I were flying in our jet but then it we dropped, we had no way of getting out but we survived the crash all of a sudden we saw this man and he had a lot of food so we followed him to his hut and he said his name was Cole. He had lived on this island for 22 years. He had I girlfriend there too and the name was Emma and they had lived together for 30 year. Cole said “I want to leave this island and I thought I had enough time but we are trapped.

Ayasha-100 Word Challenge

It was 2’o’clock in the morning and I was rushing to get to the meeting in the pointy SkyTower in the big Auckland City.  The motorway was not as packed as it usually was so I zoomed passed the motorway like the speed of light. On the way one of the policemen stopped me and thought I had been a criminal that was most wanted in the city. Does that man think that a criminal is going to come out of hiding like that? Then I was there. I went to my office, but I thought I had enough time…

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