Saturday, 29 March 2014

Handy machines

Here are some of our best homework inventions we designed to help us with chores. We have a Handy Washing Machine DX, a Looker Cooker, a Garbage Eater, a My Machine and another machine to wash and fold clothes.

Friday, 28 March 2014

100 WC


If I was the night zookeeper I would...


I would climb the tallest mountain, search the darkest woods

looking for monsters with black, scary hoods.

Down I go into the filth,

To look for the monsters of Nilth.

I would search day and night,

Looking for them and putting up a fight.

I would keep going for centuries,

Making more and more great remedies.

I would also love to be the night zoo keeper

because I get to feed all the animals.

I can also get free zoo passes for my

family and friends. I also love animals

very much.


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Jessica - 100 word challenge.

100 word challenge
Why would you like to be a Night Zookeeper?
There was this little boy named Ed and every night he would think about his dream job, he wanted to be a Night Zookeeper. Everybody asked him what his dream job was and every time, he answered a Night Zookeeper, everyone after he told them he wanted to be a Night Zookeeper, they would askWhy would like to be a Night Zookeeper?” he would just answer every time he would answer “Because a normal zoo keepers job is boring a Night Zookeeper now that’s exciting!” he would reply and nobody said anything. Ed just smiled happily with everyone stunned.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Shaaran FCI Auckland

I would like to be a night zookeeper because I could see amazing animals that sleep through the day and hunt through the night. The mystical eyes that glow in the dark soothes me. Nocturnal animals are precious to our world. They are different  than our ordinary cat and dog. My dream is to become a night zookeeper and assist the animals that need water and food during night. I will keep taking opportunities to become an overnight zookeeper. My parents told me that I have an interesting dream and one I should go with. The End

Friday, 21 March 2014

Harry-100 Word Challenge


…look up! Can you see…

It was a cold dark day as usual in Slimlim. No noises accept the deep voices of people talking, but one day a little girl came out side and shouted “Oh my gosh look up can you see”.“ It’s it’s, I actually don’t know what it is” her family come to the door and the mouths drop they saw light the whole neighbourhood comes out and are so excited they send there best miners and builder to go take a look. They came down a week later and replied “we have found light” Then the whole neighbourhood shouted with joy.


Tyrell - 100 word challenge

                                …look up! Can you see…

“This is going to be the best prank ever; the teacher won’t want to come to school tomorrow” said Jimmy “where are we anyway it look nothing like a bedroom it so creepy” said Ben “I think we are in her basement; what do you think this door goes” “I don’t want to imagine what could be behind that door” said Ben. Ben and Jimmy were heading into a cave; that is so dark a cat was blind in this cave after hours of walking and trying to get out Ben said “look up! Can you see its sunlight”

Sindy- 100 word challenge

The bird

It was a snowy day and the children were playing outside, making snowballs and throwing it to each other. One of the children was in front of a tree and a snowball was coming towards her, she bended down and the snowball hitted the tree but when she looked up! Can you see the bird she said. The bird was shivering so they gently took the bird and into the house, the bird was feeling a bit better they gave him tiny blanket and food and drinks The next day the bird was better he could fly, the bird thanked the childrens.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

FCI swimming competition

Simon-JedFCI Auckland

We walked slowly through the forest. Ed was calm and his hands where dug in his pockets. We settled at an old sturdy bench by the lake. We watched as they ducks settled in for a long sleep. The water glistened as it reflected the moon. We started talking and soon we were in deep conversation. When suddenly Ed whispered to me in a panicked tone, look up. Can you see it?’ I wanted to scream, but I knew it would just make the problem worse. Above us right now was a giant pterodactyl. I closed my eyes and awoke.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hong - 100 word challenge

I was peacefully sleeping when I heard a loud scream. It sounded like someone was trying to say “LOOK UP! CAN YOU SEE THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION FALLING?!?!?!?!!?!?”. Then I heard a loud crash onto the street. When I looked outside there was fire and smoke everywhere. When the smoke cleared I saw the wreckage of the International Space Station. The only reason I could tell is because it had the words “International Space Station” on it. Then suddenly a thing staggered out of the space station. I thought that nothing could survive that impact. But it was an alien so I ran.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Arwen 100 word challenge

But when she lifted the lid

Once there was a girl named Rhea and she was with her friends Rebecca, Tayla, Samantha and Carly. One day when they were at the mall they wanted to go outside but they found a box with their names on it.  They took the box back to Rheas house; they were thinking what to do with it, so one of them thought it would be good to open it. So they got rhea to opened the box and when she lifted the lid they found the teletubbies and ponies and they took them to unicorn land and they were happy.

-Arwen Shelley

Thursday, 13 March 2014

term1 1oo word challenge

One Day Taliyah, Christiana, Penny, and Brenda were having a sleepover at their friend Melissa’s House.

There was this really cool house down the block on the top of the hill it was old broken down they entered the house at the break of dusk and they spent so long trying to open the door. When they finally got in there was a brush of cold air and they tip toed up stairs when they finally got to top because of how broken down the stairs were. Melissa found a box her friends told her not to touch it >Crack< but when she lifted the lid…


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Mandy, 100 word challenge (

The Dream

On one normal day a normal girl saw a normal box on her normal lawn. She went outside and picked up the box but when she lifted the lid a dog jumped at her face …… and bit her. She was in horrible pain when someone jumped out of the box and stabbed her with a gummy worm knife. She moaned and waited for the dramatic death, then she realized the knife made of gummy worms so it did not hurt at all.

Then she heard the dog going BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP, She soon realized that this was all just a dream.  

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Red. One day Red was told to send her cousin cake, Red’s mother told Red to follow the path. Red was naughty and didn’t hear, instead of following the path Red went through the forest.

Red arrived at her cousin’s house, she thought the wolf would come so she waited outside but no one came. Red knocked on the door and her cousin welcomed Red in. Red asked if the wolf had come, he said yes and that his karate chop made the wolf run away forever. Red laughed so much that she cried.

THE END      

The Market

I slowly stretched out of my bed when I heard someone call: “fresh organic apples for sale, crunchy and tasty.” I leaped out of bed and flew rapidly around to find the man selling apples, I looked around but all I could see was tents. I scooped down to take a better look at what’s under the tents, suddenly I saw a bunch of men in orange suits pushing through the earth, they had a lot of weird tools and that’s when I heard the man selling apples again. I decided to leave those unique tools and follow my breakfast.

My wings got sour and I started to slow down, the man got on a machine and drove away. I couldn’t catch up so I went back to the tents. By the time I got back everyone was gone. I felt sad and ill, I flew back to my nest and went to sleep.    

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Isobel-100 word challenge

It was Emily’s dad’s 45th birthday party and was having a big barbeque. Emily’s dad was obsessed with snakes he already had one snake but he wanted another. As a present Emily got her dad another snake. Emily decided to give it to her dad in a big wooden basket, Emily knew when to check up on the snake otherwise it could escape and scare the guests. After a while Emily got distracted with eating food and cake she forgot to check up on the snake when Emily remembered she went to see the snake straight away but when she lifted the lid it was gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

International Space Station links on Padlet

Kriti - 100 word challange

Snow White


The 7 dwarfs cry, as they see there beautiful Snow White lay in a glass coffin. The evil witch had poisoned her when she gave a poisoned apple to her!! Then, as the dwarfs continue to cry, Snow White wakes up and cackles. The dwarfs see her and start to dance. “ The princess is awake, the princess is awake!” “ WHAT ARE YOU DANCING ABOUT FOR!!!!!” Snow White yells. The dwarfs get scared. “Snow White isn’t like that” Grumpy whispered.  Then Snow White breaks the glass and shoots everyone with her new witch powers!!

“ I am a witch!!!!” Snow White shouted

Jaydn 100 Word Challenge

The Wizard of Oz


Long ago there was a girl called Dorothy. But one day in a horrible hurricane, she was thrown far, far away into another world. When she woke up, she quickly grabbed her telephone and called her mother.  “Mum?” can you pick me up? I was sucked in by the hurricane and I’m at…” Dorothy looked at the nearest signpost. “Oz Avenue.” She said.

“I’ll be right there!” replied her mother. About fifteen minutes later Dorothy’s mum arrived in her truck. “Come on, don’t stand in the cold.” She said.

Dorothy hopped in and was driven back home, happily ever after.

Zachary 100 Word Challenge

Three Little Pigs

One Day Three little pigs were in there houses just minding there own buissness . Pig number 1s house was made of straw. Pig number 2s was made of sticks. Pig number 3s house was made of bricks. One night one of the wolfs sneaked out of there house and went straight to house number ones and said Let me in or ill Huff and Puff and ill blow ur house down. So he Blew. That Was the end of Pig number 1. Same Happened to pig number 2. He went to house number 3s house. He blew it didnt work. So he went home. The end

Cole-100 word challenge

Once upon a day three little pigs lived with their mum and she thought there were too old and sent them out of the house. The first little pig made a house out of sticks and the big bad wolf blew, blew and blew the house down. The second little bear made a house out of straw and then the big bad wolf blew and blew, blew the house down. Then the third piggy made a house out of bricks and the big bad wolf came with all the pigs and all became friends and they all lived happily ever after.   

Saumi-100 word challenge

The moon shone brightly in the dark sky. All the leaves abandoned their trees, I was very scared and alone, with the night time noise accompanying me. I should have listened to mother, I was busy picking flowers and climbing trees, I did not realise it was getting dark. I saw Grandma’s house in the clearing. I slowly trudged up the stairs, the door swung open with a groan. Suddenly there was a howl, another, there was an ear-spitting noise. The last thing I saw was a furry nose. Where is Grandma, I did not know cause everything got blurry.

Olivia-100 word challenge

Once upon time Rapunzel, a girl with extremely long hair, was put away in a tower. Two years later outside her tower, she heard “Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your golden hair” as she looks down she sees the most handsome prince ever. She lets her hair down and the prince climbs up using her hair as a rope. The prince asks what is wrong with Rapunzel and she says “I am stuck in this tower”. He drunk some tea which turned him into a unicorn and they flew off to la la land where everyone’s dreams come true. The End.