Friday, 28 February 2014

Leon 100 word challenge

I was skiing on a really steep hill. I heard someone or something calling me. When I went below the clouds I saw... It was aliens! I didn't see that one had fallen over and caught on my ski. I tumbled and for about 30 seconds I was flying I could see all the aliens growling and moaning when I hit the ground I was pushing through the earth. It was amazing but then I heard the army and the ambulance come. The army destroyed the aliens while the ambulance carried me to the hospital.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Cindy-100 word Challenge

Hi Miss Fowlds:
This is my 100 word challenge:

I am a gardener. Everyone says that my green fingers are greener than anyone else that they know. I don’t really care, as gardening is my hobby and I would do it 24 hours a day if it wasn’t for school that chomps away 7 whole hours.  And sleeping and eating and homework. That doesn’t stop me.  At home the huge garden is mainly a vegetable patch and mainly owned by me. I love to watch the little shoots pushing through the earth. Also this way I can provide my family’s vegetable and get pocket money at the same time.

Tayla's 100 word challenge

“Anna, hurry up the portal is closing!”  Frankie screamed as they ran through the forest. Frankie jumps through the entwined vines as the monster appears next to its giant web. “Anna faster we need to go, the monsters coming.”  Anna was nearly there, with her long legs she was there within seconds. She grabs Anna’s hand and jumps. They roll into a mud hole and get covered but then they hear it the thumping. It’s coming from the oak where the portal use to stand. Then they see it, the spider pushing through the earth with others…

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


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Renee 100 Word Challenge

The Miners

Clang! The miners were working 24/7 to collect the gems. As there pick axes were pushing though the earth the sun was setting outside. This meant that the miners wouldn't get any help until the sun rose, though the miners were tired they kept on going as if it was the most important thing. None of the men knew what was about to happen. 12:00pm, the mines blew up from a gas leak. All of the miners died from the heat as they couldn't get out in time. The mines were abandoned, never too been seen again by humans. Until now....

Friday, 21 February 2014

Priyanka - 100 Word Challenge

The Scariest Prank!
I was walking through the woods and it was very quiet, too quiet.
Then I heard some creepy music coming from the old haunted house.
It gave me shivers down my spine. I was so scared.
Just then I saw a shadow coming up to me, I tried to scream but it was as if I had lost my voice.
My legs had turned to jelly and I couldn’t move.
The person came closer and closer, so close, then “BOO” my brother and his friends shouted in my face.
My head was ringing as we walked home.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Astronaut Akihiko Hoshide

Today we were skyping an astronaut called Akihiko Hoshide, while he was doing a video presentation about his experience in space. Akihiko was born in 1968 in Tokyo,Japan. Here is a picture from his video he showed us.

This is Luke asking his question which was: how did you get used to the gravity when you got back to earth?

This is Lydia asking her question which was: what do you do to prepare yourself before going into space?

This is Jamie asking his question which was: how has becoming an astronaut change your life?

By Lydia, Olivia and Tayla

Miss Fowlds: Here is a photo of us admiring ourselves in the Skype view.

Space travel distances

This website shows the distance between Earth and Mars. It also includes when about the nearest project is to send people into Mars. It show its measurements in pixels.
To view the website click the photo down below. 
By Simon-Jed

This chart shows the time it would take to travel from earth to other planets and the moon. Also there are some photos of the planets.

By Renee