Friday, 27 September 2013

5/2's Terrific Talent Time

This week for 5/2's talent time we have Alexandra, Emily,Eilis and Olive doing forms of flexibility Emily is doing a bow and arrow Eilis is doing the splits Olive is doing a scorpion and Alexandra is doing a heel stretch. Emily is a 3-4 and Eilis is a cheerleader she is level two elite. 

Unit Study Fact File

This month we have been doing some voting lessons. We have been learning things like:
# personalities of canididates
# What some words mean like Government, candidate & more

We all voted for candidates for Pakuranga subdivision and the Auckland Mayor


Sindy and Jessica's current events

Welcome to Sindy and Jessica's current events.
We have not been doing our blog that lately so here is what has been happening this week.

This week some areas have been doing their puberty lessons and you learn what happens when you go through puberty.This is the last week of term so we have two weeks of school off. Area 5 has been doing kids vote when kids get to vote but differently than adults because it is a kids vote and we did ours online.

Here are some questions 

1. What is your favourite animal?
2. What is your favourite thing about the holiday?
3. What is your favourite food?
4. What is your favourite sports?

Top 10 games to play in school for free time

10. Minecraft 
 9. Halo 1 
8. Crossfire
7.planet side 2
6.combat arms
5. World of tanks
4. Dora the explorer touch edition
3. Black ops 1
2. Black ops 2
1. Barbie princess deluxe edition 

Rock 'n' Roles

, Hey guys! How are you doing? Sorry for not posting any blogs for a while. 

This week we will be interviewing environment monitor Saumi.

Actually, Sanaaya and I are environment monitors too but it'd be weird interviewing ourselves :T

So here's how the interview went:

Grace: Hi Saumi!  So first question, what's it like being an environments monitor?
Saumi: It is really cool, because you are cleaning the earth and plus if you do a good job you get a certificate and then get hot chips if you get ten environment awards.
Sanaaya: Nice, what's the job of an environment monitor?
Saumi: After morning tea or lunch you have to clean up your area. You use big brushes to scrape the leaves, and then you take all the bags which are unzipped and then put them inside. 
Grace: Do you hate anything about your job? C'mon Saumi, be honest with us.
Saumi:I do not like it when people do not show up for their job. I do not even like it when people drop their bananas or mushy food on the floor so then I have to pick it up and it is gross. Overall I think this is a really cool job because you clean the area and you get hot chips :)
Grace: Yum! Hot chips! 
Sanaaya: Mhmm! I love hot chips!!!!
Grace: You're making me hungry now :'(
Sanaaya: Why haven't you had breakfast this morning?
Grace: Well, I was playing video games for a while.... Then I went to sleep late... Then I slept in and realised that I was going to miss the bus so I quickly got changed and didn't have breakfast.
Sanaaya: You're a bad girl Grace.
Saumi: Guys? Are we still doing the interview? 
Grace: Oh yeah.... Um... That's it. So.... Thanks for reading um fellow readers. Uh... We hope to have more blogs for you in the future. 
Sanaaya: Wow Grace, that was so awkward.
Grace: That's just how I roll ;P
Saumi: Bye readers!
Sanaaya: Catch ya later alligator.
Grace: Peace out Girl/Boy/Animal/Duck scout.

Some pictures:

Here's a picture of the environment monitor roster :D


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Literacy smarty pants

Hello blog readers,
This is our blog on Literacy and facts on Literacy. Today we will be talking about spelling. Every week we have been doing spelling work to improve our skills on how to spell words correctly and to know different types of words to use in our stories we write. We make a grid like the picture below and then we write the meaning of the word, synanoms, sentences and then we draw a picture.

Meaning - what is meant by something
Synanoms - synanoms is the same meaning of a word

This is a picture of one of the weeks spelling 
Thank you for reading, if you want to know any more facts reply to us by commenting below. 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Boys sport report

Welcome back to another exciting post of BOYS SPORT REPORT!!!!!!

Lately Farm cove school have taking part in a mini Olympic tournament the aims games.
We had two sports competing the hockey team and two swimmers. One of our swimmers was lucky enough to win 5 medals. Another one of our swimmers was also lucky enough to win 1 medal. We are very proud of these two champions. The hockey boys also did very well and they came 16 out of 28. It was there first time competing in the aims games and we are very proud of this strong fighting team.

From Cole and Matthew

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Monday, 23 September 2013

Year 7 specialist

Hi, we are the Year 7 specialist bloggers.This week ,we are doing Music. For music we have been learning how to play the Ukulele and the keyboard. As you can see above this is a word search done when there are times when you are not doing not anything when everyone is doing something. We have 3 rotations to go through which are keyboard, computer and ukulele. On the keyboard we learn how to play with our right hand. We also had to play the basic songs like Lean on me, Simon, the highlights of Starwars and the theme from Harry Potter. On the computer we had to play computer music games on a websites called There where lots of games that can help your learn how the instruments. In ukulele we learn how to play new notes on the ukulele like A minor which is a sad note.

Stay tuned for next week from Olivia and Cindy :) :)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Year 7 specialist

Hi, we are the Year 7 specialist bloggers. This week we started cycle 5 and we are now doing Music.

This was our introduction to the Ukelele and the chords.
This is our rotation reflection. We thought that instead of typing up a big paragraph, you could read this.

We had to do a word search and find different instrument names.
This is our listening log. We listened to a song then we had to write what genre we thought it would be in, the instruments and sound effects that we heard and the mood.

Stay tuned for next week!!! From Olivia and Cindy :) :)

Friday, 13 September 2013

Howick ward and Super City likes and dislikes

We are learning about the local elections coming up very soon and this is our brainstorm of what we like and dislike about our local area and the whole city we live in.

5/2 terrific talent time

Hi guys this week for 5/2's terrific talent time we have Brendan, Harrison, Kenneth and Kyle freestyle rapping and beat boxing. They were put on the spot at last minute so it was good for the amount of time they had. They are each doing a different sound and combined they are making a rap.