Friday, 23 August 2013

Pakuranga college lessons

Today we had some Pakuranga college students come and teach us about Healthy eating.

1. Tolberone is better then chopa chops !!!!!!!

2. Carbohydrates are energy for your body

3. When you eat dried fruit the sugar is still in it and 
    Something's are still theft inside and not everything 
    Is has left the fruit 
4. There is 7 teaspoons of sugar in a coke can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5.In a glass of milk there are 2 1/2 teaspoons of sugar in it!!! 

6. Dark chocolate is better than dairy chocolate but still need to eat less chocolate. 

7. In a a bottle of orange juice there are two & a half teaspoons of sugar 

8.  You can become obese if you eat to much sugar and you don't exercise it off

9. If you have type one diabetes it means that you are born with it.

10. You can't grow out of type two diabetes. 

11. Fruit is better to eat more than dries fruit because fruit has natural sugars and with dried fruit all of the sugar is taken out because it's ... Dry!

12.Exercising lowers your sugar in your blood.  


  1. That lesson was pretty awesome. I had heaps of fun.

  2. That sounds fun! Are the lollipops called Chopa Chops over in New Zealand? Here in Australia, we call them Chupa Chups.
    Written by Luke
    7 Rebecca; Manor Lakes College

    1. Hi Luke,
      We also call them Chuba Chups. The student who wrote that fact made a spelling mistake. Well done for spotting it, as sometimes lollies and food do change names in different countries (e.g. in NZ we have Weetbix and in England they're Weetabix).
      Miss Fowlds