Monday, 29 July 2013

Year 7 specialist

Hi, we are the Year 7 specialist bloggers! For this week, we are doing Art. 

This week learnt about Pablo Picasso. We watched a presentation about him,his family, and his art.
For this topic, we had to sit at a station and draw the things that were on it. Once we had completed that, we had to draw it on a bigger piece of paper and added different effects to look like a Pablo Picasso painting. 

Stay tuned for next week! From Olivia and Cindy :) :)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Term 3 topics for our class

Our Term three topics are Ancient Greece where we will look at what cultures pass on to future generations and then the local Auckland elections where we will take part in KidsVote to learn more about elections and voting. In Literacy we will look at myths and legends and then biographies and real world writing (this will also include looking at recording our own family history). We will be having health lessons in the Life Education caravan and will continue to study Japanese. The two big events this term are Cross Country in Week 4 and Production in Week 5. Very exciting.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Sindy and Jessica's current event

Welcome to Sindy and Jessica's current event. This term it is the last terms. Next term we will be busy we have speeches going on and we have cross country. What has been going on in your school.

We have some question for you guys to answer:

What is your favourite tv program?
Do you have a favourite singer?
Do you have a favourite book?

Year 7 specialist

Hi, we are the Year 7 specialist bloggers! For this week, we are doing Art. This week we learnt about the elements of art.

Our positives for the week were:
- We learnt new things about art.
- It was really fun.

Our negatives for the week:
- Time flew by really quickly

First we learnt about line.
Line is a moving point, long and narrow. It can define a space, create an outline or pattern and show movement or texture. It is absolutely essential in creating art.

Our activity for line:
We had to try and draw our hand without taking the pencil off the page. We needed to draw most details including: the knuckles, the wrinkles and where our hands join.
Next, we learnt about shape.
Shape is an enclosed space, the boundaries of it are made of the other elements of art like line, colours, tone, texture.

Our activity for shape was:
We got a picture that was by Pablo Picasso. We had to cut shapes from his piece of art and stuck it in our book and made our own Pablo Picasso monster. 

Then, we learnt about space:
Space refers to distance or areas around, between or within components of a piece. It can be positive or negative, open or closed, shallow or deep, and two-dimensional or three-dimensional.

Our activity for space: 
We had a piece of gold paper and a piece of black paper. We cut a shape 

Girls and Their Sport

Welcome back. Today we are just going to be talking about netball. During this week, we have been having some netball games on Thursday lunchtimes. In the first game, which was at 12:45 the two teams called The Purple Panthers and The Gold Ferns had a very challenging game but overall the Gold Ferns were relaxed and did their thing that made them win 5-0. Then the second game, which was at 1:00, the other two teams who were The Swag Mastas vs The Gold Ferns. Ayasha was in The Swag Mastas and had a magnificent game and they won their first victory 7-4 and had a big celebration at the very end. We hope that you tried those tips that we gave you 2 weeks ago.

This is The Swag Mastas. 
In the team,
Top row:  Saumi, Sathma and Ayasha (me)
Bottom row: Delara, Grace (co-captain), Sanaaya (captain and coach), Arwen.

Unit Study Fact File

Unit Study is basically when we are given a topic to learn on. For Unit Study we entered a competition called the bp zoo challenge. All we do is make a prototype model for a toy for a tiger or a selection of Australian parrots. Today we are interviewing some students about their prototype.

Cole & Mathew: We are making a toy for a tiger. We have a sack hanging form a branch on a tree, tied to a bungee cord. We really enjoyed making the prototype.

Grace: For the BP zoo challenge I am making an enrichment toy for the Australian birds at Hamilton zoo. My toy looks like a house, kinda. I enjoyed it because I liked designing the enrichment toy for the Australian birds.

Arwen: For the bp zoo challenge I am making something for a bird, it looks like a house J J I liked the bp zoo challenge.


1.                      How long does the princess parrot live for?

2.                      What is the largest species of the tiger?

3.                      What is one of the tiger’s favourite sent?

4.                      What is the princess parrots wing span?

5.                      How many species of tigers exist?

By Oliver, Mike and Kristian

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Digital citizenship: Tayla, Rhea and Arwen


Digital citizenship: Oliver, Jessica and Sam

This is your film festively entry. It is about two people on twitter getting bullied. First we went on meeting words and we made it look like twitter. So then we screen recorded it with ezvid screen recorder. Watch the video bellow and type in the comments on the video how the bully got in trouble and what you should do when you are in the same situation.

Year 8 hard materials specialist report

Week 10 hard materials report 

Today in Hard materials we made our own electrical circuits because for our project we will be using electrical wires. Like LEDs and battery's. we practised making circuits on a kids toy. It was not fun when we lost our parts because we pretty much had to look for them the whole time. 

By Saidharan & Brendan 

Digital citizenship: Cole, Connor, Matthew and Kristian


In area 5 we have been learning about digital citizenship. We have made a 30 film telling people to be safe with their password. We made this by using paper slides and a iPod to film. It took us about two weeks for us too make.

Digital Citizenship, Identity Thief's.

In area 5,we have been learning about digital citizenship. Our 31 second film is about Identity thief's. We used a paper slide and it is not allowed to be edited(this is called a one take video). In the video the girl goes on Facebook, and pretends to be someone else by making a new account and naming herself Sally. Which is a girl she hates. If you want to know the rest our video link is underneath. This video was made by Sindy, Mike, Simon-Jed and Olivia. Here it is:

Digital citizenship: Kyle Saidharan and Harrison

Here is...

Our video is about, because people could ask offensive questions anonymously.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Rock 'n' roles

Grace: What is it like being a tea duty monitor?

Sanaaya: It's very nice. You learn a lot from the teachers. You get special treats at the end of each week from the teacher's shared morning tea.

Grace: Next question, why do you like being a tea duty monitor?

Sanaaya: Because it is very cool.

Grace: Heard any gossip lately from the teachers?

Sanaaya: No,not really because the teachers are REALLY secretive 

Grace: What is the most interesting thing part about doing tea duty?

Sanaaya: Doing little jobs for Mrs Mitchell ( Ruler of the tea duty monitors), as well as getting treats during the week.

 Grace: What inspired you to do tea duty?

 Sanaaya: You did Grace.... No, not really. It just sounded really fun when the previous tea duty monitors told the area about the job.

Grace: Heard at good jokes from the teachers?

Sanaaya: This isn't really a joke but a funny story. It happened when I was doing tea duty at the beginning of this term. I was just cleaning up when Mrs Mitchell came in and started making sausage rolls for the teacher's shared morning tea. A while later Mrs Mitchell had forgot that she had put the sausage rolls on for too long and gasped when she saw the sausage rolls. When she took the sausage rolls out she said " Oh I just LOVE crispy bottoms!". I started laughing and quickly exited the staff room. Just as I had left the staff room Mrs Mitchell ran out and said " Don't you want some crispy bottoms?". I shook my head and when she went back inside the staff room I burst out laughing.

Grace: Very interesting story. Well, that's all for this week. But don't worry, we'll have a blog waiting for you on the second week of Term 3.

Thanks for reading :D

By Grace and Sanaaya :)

The girl by the water dispenser is Grace :D

These are the signs we made the for the staff room dishwashers.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Dragon boats

Today we are learning about Chinese culture and making dragon boats.
When they are finished we hope they look as good as these ones.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Sindy and Jessica's current events.

Welcome to Sindy and Jessica's current events. Where we will be talking to you about current events going on in our school. 

In our school this week we have been busy getting ready for the speech competition and in the school we have been practicing in home groups or areas for cross country and  we have been getting ready for the school production next term. Has anything interesting been going on in your school?

Here is a question for you to answer:
Do you have a favourite tv program?

Thank you for visiting our blog and we hoped you enjoyed it. By Sindy and Jessica.

Top ten songs to listen to while we work

Our criteria  of the songs are that there are no swearing and that it has to be appropriate and also the number of views n the song that we are choosing.

10. Radioactive - imagine dragons
9. What about love - Austin mahone
8. The way - Ariana grande
7. It's a beautiful day - Michael buble 
6. I want it that way - Backstreet boys
5. Treasure - Bruno mars
4. you and I- liz Gilles
3. Boyfriend- Justin bibber 
2. Just friends- musiqsoulchild 
1. Be alright- Justin bieber  

By Harrison and Kyle

Film Festival- Emily, Olive, Alexandra, Eilis

For our 30 second film festival, we did a version of "Catfish"
We had Alex who was a 42 year old man who was on Facebook as a 12 year old. 
Olive was the person who added the 'so called 12 year old' on Facebook and added Alex.
Eilis was the friend of Olive who should have disagreed with talking to the person they didn't know. 
Emily was the wife of Alex and wondered what Alex was doing on his phone. 

Literacy ........ Smarty pants

In this blog we write facts on literacy. The group personifications learnt about predictions.
 Facts: prediction means: a thing predicted the forecast.

Did you know that you can predict your future by looking at the limes of your palms.
There are many names for people who predict the future.

- augur 
- crystal gazer 
- Cassandra 
- doomsayer
- prophesied
- fortune teller 
- futurist 
- Jeremiah 
- oracle 
- palm reader / palmist
- prognosticator 
- seer 
- prophet
- sibyl 
- soothsayer 

That is a lot of names for people who predict the future did you know people predict the weather sometimes it is correct or sometimes the weather changes. Here is one of the prediction work we have done. This is by Grace. 

  The picture is a picture of a fortune teller. 

Thursday, 4 July 2013


Welcome to our blog! There are so many things that around our school that we can't keep track of them.

This week we are exploring the school's digital area, area 5. In area 5 we do 60% of our work on our  laptops and the rest in our books. Students are allowed to bring their own devices like iPods, iPads, iPad mini, tablets e.t.c, but if we don't have iPods or iPads all of our teachers have one.

The major rule about bringing our devices to school is that we always have to keep our devices locked up in the cupboard when we aren't using them. We don't just have 'classrooms' we also have other spaces to share with the rest of the area like the quite space and the foyer. If you have any questions about area 5 please post a comment and we will get back to it.
That's all for Out 'n' about with Tayla  and Rhea. Tune in next time when we explore the playground area. 

Digital Citizenship SKYPE

In area 5 we have been making paper slides or mini movies for 30 seconds on Digital Citizenship. Me (Saumi) and Sanaaya have made a paper slide on Skype. It helps on how to be safe on Skype. 

Boys sport report

Sport report
Hello all sports fans out there, we are back with the latest sport news in the school. The under 45 kg rugby boys are so awesome at rugby they managed to come first In the south eastern zone and are going to the champs of champs rugby tournament. To get a spot they were training very hard against the under 55 kg rugby team. The under 55’s also did really well and were placed third in their competition.

There are a lot of netball stars in Farm cove. The boys have just had all their trials and the team has just been announced. The team will be training every Friday to help them improve for the big competition.

By Matthew and Cole

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Fit show

Welcome back to the Fit show where we tell you all about what we do when we do Fitness and P.E.
This week we had court ball (volley ball modified) there were 4 teams yellow, red, blue and orange.
We had a though time because most of us had never played volley ball. We had 3 teams of 7 and 1 team of 8.t
For the team of 8 there were two subs and one for the teams of seven.
Each team only had one game only because there was no more time before the bell went.
For one team to win we had to get 15 points.
By Harvey and Tyrell.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Our Opinion

Hello readers.

Our blog is about what you think. Each fortnight we will post a blog, which has a link a survey that we have made. Each fortnight we will have a different topic. This fortnight our topic is social media. Follow the link to get the surveys. And next fortnight we will post the results along with a new survey. Here is the link.
Thanks for your Opinion

Year 7 specialist

Week 9:

Hi, we are the year 7 Specialist bloggers! For this cycle, we are doing Food and Bio.

This week we made Jam Drops. We learnt how to cream the butter and sugar together (by hand), how to knead the dough, and how to roll the dough.

Our positives for this week:
- It tasted delicious
- It didn't get burnt
- We were the first to finish creaming
- Mrs Joneja was proud of our creaming

Our negatives for the week
- We were a bit slow
- The creaming takes a lot of time and hard work
- while you are rolling the dough, your hands get very oily

First we had to cream the butter and sugar together, then, in another bowl, we had to sift flour and baking powder together, then we had to fold the baking powder and flour into the creamed butter and sugar. Lastly, we had to knead the dough, then roll them, put a little well in them and add jam to the well.

The overall rating for the taste was: 10/10

Stay tuned for next week! From Olivia and Cindy :):)

Jam Drop Recipe:


60 grams of butter
1/2 a cup of caster sugar
1/2 a teaspoon of vanilla essence
2 tablespoons of milk
1 cup of flour
1/2 a teaspoon of baking powder
4 tablespoons of jam

(Makes 16)


- Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
- Place butter and sugar in a bowl and beat until light and creamy.Add vanilla essence and milk and beat well. Fold in sifted flour and baking powder.
- Knead the dough then roll into balls the size of a big marble and place them on the baking trays. Make a well with your finger in each ball.
- Drop a dot of jam in each well, and place tray in oven. Bake for 12-14 minutes or until biscuits are golden. Remove from oven and cool on a wire rack.

Warning: jam gets very hot so don't touch as soon as it comes out if the oven!

Year 8 science specialist report

Week 9 specialist report

This week in science we have been learning about our D.N.A, and all our genetic traits. We also used microscopes to determine synthetic and natural fibres and telling the difference between hair and fur. We did a blood typing game if we finished the test that we had to do. The blood typing game was about how surgeons did a blood transplant. Then we did an activity about the basic gene pairs and we had to chose a gene from the board and make our own double helixes using beads.
This week was our last specialist class for science and next we will be doing hard materials 

by Brendan and Saidharan