Friday, 28 June 2013

Sindy and Jessica's current events.

Welcome to Sindy and Jessica's current events where we will be talking to you about current events going on in the school.

This week we had our school disco and the theme was back to the future and it was really fun you could request songs, have drinks and little chocolate bars for fifty cents each in the food and bio room. In the art room you could have photos with your friends for fifty cents per person, the art room was really busy because at the beginning you would be like a really low number and in the middle you could be like in the middle kind of and near the end you would be like one hundred and something. 

Has there been anything interesting going on in your school?

Here are a couple of questions, do you have a favourite snack and drink.

Thank you for visiting our blog and I hope you enjoyed it.
By Sindy and Jessica
Sindy and Jessica's current events.

5/2's Terrific Talent Time

This week our terrific talent time is about Olive and Eilis. They will be doing the cup song from the movie "Pitch Perfect". This blog is about people's different talents in our class, it could be sporting talent, or a weird talent, any talent basically we both hope you guys enjoy our blog. You are in for a very unique and talented surprise!

By: E.M and O.O

Cultural Activities: choir

Hello. This week in cultural events, we have been around to the choir to see what they have been doing. There are now two different choirs, one for production and the normal choir. Last Wednesday, the choir went to Howick intermediate for the bug thing going on in October. Usually on a Wednesday afternoons after school assembly, they go into the hall and practice there songs. Some of the songs they sing are; Pompeii, Chasing cars, Tamaki Makaurau and loathe it all.

'Choir is really fun but learning some if the songs are really hard! - Rhea Shroff 
'We think that choir must be an enjoyable place where you can sing your heart out' - M.H and Emily

Well, see you later. We will update with a different cultural activity in a fortnight. Byeeeee ;D

By Emily and M.H

Thursday, 27 June 2013

BP challenge Ayasha, Sunny, Grace and Saumi

Hello 5/2 blog readers,
In our Area 5 we went to the zoo in term 2. We learnt about the animal adaptions. We had to  participate in a challenge called the BP Zoo Challenge where we have to make an enrichment toy for a tiger or the Australian Birds. We want to tell you about our toy that we made for the Australian birds. We called it "The Ultimate Bird Toy". At the back we have a ladder where the parrots climb up to a platform. On that platform there is a stick and on the end of the bar/stick it is attached with string. The birds can climb on the ladder and stand on the perch and they can also walk on the perch. Then there is a swing that the birds can swing on. We also have a hoop for the birds to stand on and they can also peck it as well. Here's a picture of our toy.

Literacy ....... Smarty Pants

Hello Smarty Pants followers,
Here we talk about about Literacy and facts on Literacy. So today we will be talking about Advertisements. So in school we are learning about Ads.

- Did you know that businesses $500 billion on Ads
- Advertisements make their products look way better
- Advertisements is a form of com communication of marketing products but sometimes it is about other things like to help charity UNICEF

So those facts are onAdvertisements in 5/2 we have been making Ads and here is one from Sanaaya

BP Zoo Challange

Today the 25th of June our group Olivia, Alexandra, Eilis and Lucy finished our BP Zoo. Our toy was made out of rubber so it can float in the water and be fun to play with. Also there are holes in the box because we the zoo keepers will put scents and food in the holes to stimulate the tiger. 

Girls and their Sport

Netball, horse riding, tennis and soccer these a only a few spots we girls do. Hey there guys I'm Alexandra and this is Ayasha.
Our main sport this week is netball. For you girls that ply netball we have some really good tips and facts to improve your netball knowledge and skills. Firstly did you know that netball came from basketball? In the 1800's they started women basketball. A physical training college in England modified the rules of basketball to develop an extremely different sport, that was called netball. 

Tips About Netball 
1.Always mark your player
2.Stick to where your position allows you to be on the court.
3.For defencing always be ready to get rebounds or to intercept the ball.
4.The correct position of shooting is to have one hand flat on the bottom base of the ball and the other hand on the side of the ball. This may sound different to how you normally shoot but once you master this skill you will notice that your shooting accuracy will increase by a lot. The hand on the base of the ball is for pushing and the other hand on the side of the ball is to guide the ball in to the hoop.

In Our School 
This week we have already got our netball team for the year 8 girls and the years 7 girls. Year 8 girls practise on Friday, their competition  is on the 29th of August. The year 7 girls practise is on a Tuesday and their competition is later on in the the year.  

Hope these tips and facts help you. 

Beautiful Day music video

In Literacy we each took a line from U2's Beautiful Day lyrics to draw and then Brendan and Kenneth turned our pictures into a very cool music video. Click here to see our video.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Year 7 specialist

Week 8:

Hi, we are the Year 7 specialist bloggers! For this cycle, we are doing Food and Bio.

This week we made Bacon and Egg melts. We learnt how to grill and cut the bread,how to shallow fry, and how to boil and slice eggs.

Our positives for this week were:
- We were on time
- We weren't too messy 

Our negatives for this week:
- We burnt the cheese

First we had to boil the eggs and cook the bacon. Once we had finished that, we peeled and sliced the eggs, cut the bread into fours, and lastly put the bacon, sliced eggs, BBQ sauce and the cheese onto the bread and grilled it in the oven.

The overall rating for the taste was: 9/10

Stay tuned for next week! From Olivia and Cindy :) :) 

Bacon and Egg Melts Recipe:


4 rashers of bacon
4 eggs
2 Turkish paninis
BBQ sauce
4 slices of cheese
1 teaspoon of salt


- Pre heat the grill.
- Put 2/3rds of a pot of water on boil. While the water is boiling, fry the bacon until crisp in a medium frying pan.
- Add the salt to the water and gently slide the eggs in using a slotted spoon.
- Boil the eggs for 10 minutes
- Remove the bacon from the frying pan and set aside
- Once the eggs have boiled, cool them under cold water, then peel and slice them
- Cut both Paninis in half, and lay all the four halves on a lined baking tray.
- Place bacon, sliced eggs, and BBQ sauce on each Panini half and top with a slice of cheese.
- grill until golden and serve.

(Makes 4)

Friday, 21 June 2013

5/2 Team blog list

In 5/2 we are learning how to write a quality blog that readers will enjoy and leave comments about. To help us practise the students are going to write a weekly or fortnightly blog in pairs on a theme. Here is a list of our blogs so you know which ones you would like to follow. Our students are putting some thought into inviting good comments, so please support them by leaving a response.

1. Our Opinion by Simon-Jed and Connor. Every fortnight we will discuss a new topic and we will have a survey that you can answer and we will post the results.
2.  Unit Study fact file by Kristian, Oliver and Mike. Every fortnight we will be writing about what we are doing in Unit Study and giving you some facts on our topic.
3. Literacy smarty pants By Arwen and Saumi. Every week we will post an awesome post on Literacy we do in school and then we do facts on the subject. 
4. Out 'n' about by Tayla and Rhea. Our fortnightly blog is about things around our amazing school!
5.  Fit show by Tyrell and Harvey. Every fortnight we will be writing about what we do for P.E. and fitness.
6. Girls and their sport. By Alexandra and Ayasha. Every fortnight  we will be writing about girls and what sport they do and give tips about the sport. Get comments from the people that do those sports.  
7. Boy sport report by Cole and Matthew. Every fortnight we will be writing about the latest sports played by boys at Farm Cove.
8. Cultural activities by Emily and Miyako. Every fortnight we will be writing about the cultural activities around the school like Choir, Kapa Haka and Ochestra. 
9. 5/2's terrific talent time  by Eilis and Olive. Every week will be sharing some of the talents in our class.
10.  Rock'n'roles by Sanaaya and Grace. Every fortnight we will be interviewing people with different roles around the school.
11.  Top ten highlights by Harrison and Kyle. Every fortnight we will be listing the top ten highlights of things that happen in our class and school.
12. Year 7 Specialist report by Olivia and Cindy. Every week we will be writing about what we do in our Year 7 Specialist class.
13.  Year 8 Specialist report by Brendan and Saidharan. Every week we will be writing about what we do in our Year 8 Specialist class.
14. Sindy and Jessica's current events by Sindy and Jessica. Every week we will be writing about current events going on in our school.
15. Tech report by Kenneth and Sam. Every fortnight we will be giving you tips on how to make your device run better and new tools and games to help your learning.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Quad blogging questions

In our class we have just started quad blogging for the very first time. Quad blogging means we are connected with three other classes where we share our blogs, leave comments and get to know and interact with each other. One class is our classmates at Farm Cove in 5/1, so here are our questions for the other two classes in Australia.

Questions for Rebecca's class:
1. Why are the teachers called by their first name?
2. Do you have Specialist classes and if so, what are they? (Specialists classes are to practise practical skills like cooking and electronics)
3. What are your favourite things about your school? 
4. Does your class use digital devices? (E.g. Laptops, iPads, iPods or computers)
5. Is your school a private school?

Questions for Mr Brownlee's class:
1. What is the Daily 5?
2. Is your school a private school?
3. Do you use digital devices to do your work and if so, what?
4. Have you been on any class trips lately?
5. Do you have a weekly timetable and what subjects do you study?

Marcelle Bernard presentation

Today we went to Marcelle Bernard's presentation on public speaking. Here are some of her tips to help with speeches. 

Speech tips:
1. Take a deep breath and stand still before speaking.
2. If eye contact is a bit scary, look at their foreheads. Your audience won't know.
3. Practise, practise, practise.
4. After practising reading your speech aloud to yourself, practise with a friendly couch of soft toys, cushions and your Grandma.
5. Visualise yourself looking good and doing the right thing.
6. On the front of your cue cards put a picture of something that makes you feel good.
7. When speaking in public 7% of the message is your words, 38% is sounds and 55% is the look. Therefore it is important to practise the way you look when you give your speech (confidence not style).
8. Before starting say to yourself: Stand still, arms by your side, shoulders back, chin up, smile, looking around your audience and feeling brave.
9. At the end of your speech stand still and count to five so your audience can clap.
10. After you sit down keep looking good for 10mins, as people might still be looking at you.

Do you have any tips on speeches for us?

Monday, 17 June 2013

ICT Specialist

In I.C.T we were making some claymation for the school website and FCNN. Everyone has a choice of what they could do like Lego animation or just to video people normally. We were put in groups to make our film, we use a editing tool called Corel video studio pro and stop motion pro. To get our film to be shown at FCNN we need to have the stakeholders to review it and if it is worthy to be brought up and shown in FCNN.

Hard Materials

Hard Materials circuit boards

In Hard materials we are building circuit boards in this photo the components are getting soldered together which you do once you have put in the components in and drilled the holes.

Using headphones safely

The Area 5 teachers are getting concerned about the health and safety of our student's ears when using headphones to listen to music while working. We are worried that some students are listening to music for too long and that the music is too loud. We really like the way it helps our students to focus on their work, but we don't want them to damage their hearing or become deaf later in life.

Within our Area, our students are doing some research and discussing some rules or guidelines that we want to put into place. If anyone out there has some great ideas or research links, we would love to read a comment from you.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fit show

Welcome back to the Fit show where we tell you all about what we do when we do Fitness and P.E.

On Wednesday our class went to P.E and we played bench ball mixed with netball. It was year 7 girls and year 8 ( non bibs) 

This game is boys vs. year 8 girls and year 7 boys. The yr. 7 boys and the year 8 girls (bibs) were winning.
It was a fun time and tough time for us to play 3 games for each team.

From: Harvey, Tyrell


In area 5/2 we are learning Japanese nihongo. We learnt greetings like 'konichiwa' and 'konbanwa'. In this photo above we are playing a game which includes Japanese greetings. This game is like a puzzle where we have to match the English words with a Japanese word. It was a little tricky then it got easier. The whole class finds Japanese fun. It is a little tricky but with more practise we can speak fluent nihongo. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Inference quiz Metaphors group

It was freezing cold as stepped out from the cabin onto the deck. I looked around and everyone was working hard. Then I looked up and the sails were raised high.  The wind was beating them as it pulled them left to right as we turned away towards the Pacific Ocean. 
By H.G. 

This was the best day of my life. We had just finished having 5 candy-flosses and 2 big boxes of popcorn. In one hand, I had a teddy bear I won for my brother in a Coconut Shay game and in the other I had a large-sized soda. We were about to go on the Ferris wheel until our mum calls us and tells us that we had 11/2 hours left until we were going home. Looks like this was the busiest place for children to come to. It was packed! A lot of children were laughing and talking and screaming [well only on the rollercoaster]. Then our mum called us in what looked like seconds from when she got us. As we went I thought, “this was the best day ever.”
By A.F.